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Signs Your Roof Needs Some TLC

roof inspection

No matter how nice your home is, without a quality roof over your head you could face some serious concerns. A leak in your roofing system increases the chance of mold and mildew formation and it can damage roof boards and personal contents.

You can spot a few problems yourself with a quick trip to the attic. The presence of moisture is always a bad sign and could be due to improper installation of the roof. If the attic seems too warm, there could be an issue with the roof ventilation system. If you do spot a problem, our professional team at Novalis Roofing is available to inspect your roofing system for flaws and potential problems.

Identify Problems with a Roof Inspection

Sometimes, getting up on the roof is the best way to spot concerns. If you don’t feel safe doing this yourself, be sure to contact a quality roofing contractor. Several signs might indicate your roof needs attention:

  • Torn, missing, or curled shingles
  • Cracked sealant or caulk around the flashing
  • Missing drip edge allowing water to seep into the roof deck
  • Pooling water due to damaged roof boards

Any of these situations could lead to a roof leak. The cost of waiting too long is usually much higher than a timely repair.

Protect Your Roof Before It Is Too Late

Timely repairs can extend the lifespan of your roof, as well as prevent expensive damage to the contents of your home. Most small roof repairs can be finished in just one day. With a fortified roof overhead, you can sleep soundly knowing that your family and your belongings are protected.

At Novalis Roofing, we know that a replacement roof is a major expense. Therefore, if we can fix a problem, we do it to the highest standards. Call us today at 973-240-9074 to schedule a free consultation.

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