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Roofing: The Job Process

We arrive at the job site around 8:00 a.m. We begin each day by removing the old roofing from a particular section of the house. We remove sections and begin to install the new roof right away to minimize the amount of time your house is left vulnerable to the weather. We do not use dumpsters, as we own our own small disposal trucks. We always do our best to position these small trucks close to the area we are working so the debris can be thrown directly into the trucks and not to the ground avoiding costly damage to our customers landscaping. We will go as far as using plywood to protect the lawn and drive the trucks below the areas we are working.

After removing the old roof we then will replace any bad wood found, usually at an additional cost of our original proposal. In the picture you see a ¾ inch pine tongue and groove board used as the sub deck with small patches that needed to be replaced.

Other sub decks found are plywood.

Or a nailing rack found under old wood roofs. This requires new plywood to be nailed over the rack and metal edging to cover the edges of the plywood before the new roof can be installed.

Once the sub deck is cleaned down and all bad wood is replaced, we start by putting down the Ice and Water shield. This material is typically used on the gutter edges and in the valleys, required by building code.

If we feel an area is more vulnerable to Ice damning, weather it is a north facing section, low pitched or an area where water/ice tend to build up as pictured here, we will use the Ice and water Shield more extensively throughout that area.

The next step is to install the synthetic underlayment throughout the balance of the roof surface. We use only synthetic underlayment products because they are stronger and lighter than traditional felts. They also provide a superior secondary water-shedding barrier over extended period of time. In this case we have used GAF ELK Deck Armor, one of the few breathable roofing underlayments’ on the market today.

After the different underlayment are down we then begin installing the new roof. The new roof being installed below is GAF ELK Timberline 30 that now comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

While installing the new roof, all vent pipes are flashed with new aluminum vent pipe flashings to size along with new step and counter chimney flashings. Our chimney flashings are a three step process. First, we install the roof around the chimney with step flashings.

The next step involves sealing the step flashings to the masonry using roofing cement.

And finally the counter flashing is applied over the roofing cement and pinned to the masonry. The top edge is sealed with matching caulk to complete.

Ventilation is an important part of a new roof. Older homes do not have ventilation up to today’s standards or building code. It is important for the attic ventilation system to be balanced with the proper combination of intake vents, typically in the soffits, and exhaust vents through the roof. We recommend three options to vent a roof in Northern New Jersey to properly draw fresh air through the house exhausting hot, moist air out of the home creating a balanced ventilation system.

GAF ELK IR-65Box vents colored to match the new roofing.

Rigid roll ridge vent installed with ridge caps over the top.

GAF ELK Power fans with thermostatic control.

To complete the new roof ridge caps are installed. We recommend GAF ELK TimberTex ridge caps, color matched to the shingle used. TimberTex ridge caps provide a higher quality alternative to cut-up 3-tab shingle caps. They offer multi-layer protection and add depth and dimension to the roof.

Notice the difference above in the picture of the TimberTex ridge caps to the other picture of the cut-up 3-tab shingles below. The single layer cap provides minimum protection and adds little to the appearance of the roof.

Once the new roof is complete, the gutters are cleaned out and tightened, the ground is thoroughly cleaned and a magnet search is done for all nails that may have fallen to the ground. All job debris is removed with all fees included in our proposals.

All of our new roofs come with a 20 year labor warranty from Novalis Roofing and Siding.

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