Roof Repair Services

Are you in need of roof repair services? Novalis Roofing and Siding is your go-to source for all your residential roofing needs. Located in New Jersey, we have the experience and expertise to handle any size or type of job, from small repairs to complete replacements.


When Should You Repair Your Roof

Sometimes your roof is simply in need of a repair over a replacement. Your roof may be in good shape but there may be some shingles that blew off from a storm or a small leak that has appeared. Getting ahead of a repair when you do have a problem will save you money in the long run.

When should I have my roof repaired?

When considering if you need a roof repair, look out for the following

  • Shingles in your lawn
  • Visible dips or concave sections in your roof
  • The appearance of water spots after rain storms
  • Wet insulation or boxes in your attic
  • Curling and cracked shingles
  • Leaks around skylights, chimneys, and dormer windows
  • Missing sections of flashing
  • Water running down exterior walls instead of gutters
  • Ponding water during storms
  • Consider an assessment if it is 20 years old or more

All our inspections are free. It is recommended to have your roof assessed after a large storm to check on any damaged shingles and make sure there is no further damage. Novalis also offers a large spectrum of repair work if you decide to go with a smaller fix.

If you experience any of these issues with your roof, call Novalis Roofing and Siding today – our experienced contractors can help get your roof back in its best condition!

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Novalis Roof Repair Services

Our dedicated, full time, in-house roofing repair crew offers a wide variety of services, including

  • Reseal all -Preventive maintenance program that helps extend the life of your roof
  • Detecting and repairing roof leaks
  • Installing new flashing around chimney’s
  • Sealing skylights and dormer windows
  • Repairing damaged roof vents
  • Replacing missing shingles

Why hire Novalis to repair your damaged roof?

  • Expert in historic home restorations, matching existing designs with state-of-the-art materials
  • We have multiple repair crews which lead to a quicker turnaround time to complete your project
  • We take photos throughout the job, from the assessment to the completion of the repair. You are fully aware of what is going on and can see it first-hand without stepping on your roof.



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