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Is My Attic Costing Me?

Most homeowners are concerned with finding ways to save on energy costs. You might conduct a home audit and learn you need to purchase new windows. Maybe you feel cool air blow in the house through cracks around the door. While these are all good observations, there’s a chance your attic is playing a bigger role in lost energy costs than you might think. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to change that.

Be Systematic About Insulation

Naturally in a home, there are going to be differences in temperature from room to room. Being systematic about placing insulation in the attic could help to balance it all out. Rooms that are colder during the winter could benefit from having more layers of insulation above them in the attic. Rooms that seem to collect heat during winter may not need as many layers.

Remove the Storage

The attic seems like a great place to store seasonal decorations, boxes of old memories, and furniture you’re no longer using, but it could be increasing your energy costs. With natural attic ventilation, you can utilize the space by adding extra insulation. If your storage items are laying around, you won’t be able to add those extra layers.

Seal the Gaps

You may have sealed the gaps in other areas of your home, such as around your doors and windows, but there are probably some gaps in the attic as well. Anywhere that you can see sun shining through or can feel air blowing is an area that needs a good seal. This could include around ducts, vents, plumbing, electrical work, and other similar areas. Caulk could work for some of the smaller gaps, while an insulating spray may be better for a larger area.

Your attic is one of the best areas to utilize when it comes to saving money on energy. Learn more by calling 973-240-9074 or emailing the experts at Novalis Roofing today!

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