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Steps to Prepare for Your New Roof

A new roof can be an exciting, but stressful project. You want it done right and may be wondering if there is anything you can do to ensure a smooth replacement. Completing the following tasks before the roofers arrive will get your replacement project off to a great start.

Clean Up the Attic

If you have a functional attic where you store items or send the kids up to play, you’ll want to clean it up a bit. The roofers could create quite a ruckus, and when they begin walk around the roof or hammer nails into it, dirt and debris could start to fall into the attic. You may want to cover your items with a drop cloth or completely remove them from the attic until the job is done.

Trim the Trees

Any trees that are in the way will need to be trimmed away from the roof. Not only will this get them out of the way of the roofers, but it will also create a better environment for your roof when the work is finished. You should also trim your grass so the debris that gets thrown off the roof will be easy to find when it comes time to clean up.

Clear the Area Surrounding the Home

Roofers typically throw old shingles and other garbage right off the roof. If you have patio furniture, bicycles, potted plants, or anything else you’d like to hang onto, move it into the garage or somewhere else it won’t be affected. This also gives roofers a safer workspace and plenty of room to move about when they’re not on the roof.

Plan for Pets and Children

Your pets and children will need to remain at a distance from the work that is going on. If you are able to keep them in the house the entire time, that’s a great plan. If they’re more the type that need to be out of the house doing something, make plans to spend the day visiting friends or family.

Learn More About Roof Replacement

A new roof will do wonders for the function and aesthetics of your home, but there are some things you’ll need to do to prepare for the job. If you are considering installing a new roof, choose the professionals with long lasting results. At Novalis Roofing and Siding, when we offer a 25-year guarantee, we mean it. Call 973-240-9074 or email us today to learn more!


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