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Is There Too Much Snow on Your Roof?

snow on roof

Heavy snow is an inevitable feature of New Jersey winters. With this in mind, state and local regulations determine the slope and other key specs of a roof to ensure it can handle up to a certain amount of snow. Even with the right design and materials in place, heavy snow can damage a roof over time, making it less and less resistant to heavy loads. So, how do you know if there’s too much snow on your roof?

Look for Cracks

Unfortunately, extremely heavy snow can put pressure on the roof, as well as the overall structure of the home. This may lead to the formation of cracks around the doors and windows and other weak points. When you notice a crack, be sure to check if it is merely a crack in the siding or paint, as opposed to the structural material beneath.

Check for Bowing

The pressure from the snow can also cause the frame around doors to start bowing. When this happens, you will notice the doors don’t swing open and shut as easily as they should. You might notice difficulty when trying to close the door, or it may feel like a tighter fit when it does close. Note that moisture can also cause wooden doors and frames to swell, so be sure to rule this out first.

Estimate the Weight

The amount of snow isn’t nearly as important as how much it weighs. This comes down to the moisture content and how thick the snow is. If you encounter clumps of packed snow or ice, this will add to the weight even more. In contrast, dry, powdery snow weighs much less and may not present as much of a problem for your roof.

The worst-case scenario would involve the roof itself sagging, leaking, or eventually caving in. If this happens, it could cause injuries and expensive property damage. Novalis Roofing & Siding can inspect your roof to determine how well it’s handling the snow and how long it will continue to do so. Call 973-240-9074 or email us today for a free quote!

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