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3 Reasons a Spring Roof Inspection Is a Great Idea

April showers can bring more than just May flowers, including roof leaks. Roofing issues start to become more visible in the spring, making it the perfect time for a roof inspection. Catching these issues before they lead to major problems can save you time and money, which is why inspections are crucial. Utilize the following advantages of spring and schedule your inspection today.

1. Prime Weather

Spring weather is perfect for a roof inspection. While it has started to warm up from the winter, it’s not yet unbearably hot, making it easier to spend a considerable amount of time outside. With the sun beginning to dry everything out, it’s safer to conduct the inspection and makes it easier to notice the types of damage that typically happen throughout winter.

2. Time to Plan

If problems are found during the inspection, you have time to plan before the weather changes again and delays the process. Your home could suffer structural damage in the meantime, and it might be harder to get your repairs scheduled. Finding problem spots during spring gives you an entire summer to work on the problems so the roof is in the best shape for winter.

3. Less Debris

Spring is a time for new growth. In contrast to the fall when leaves are falling off trees and plants are dying; you won’t have to deal with the same amount of debris on the roof when looking for problem areas. Spring is a great time to clear out all that autumn and winter debris, why not get an inspection while you’re at it!

Hiring the Professionals for the Job

When you’re ready for a thorough inspection this spring, contact the professionals at Novalis Roofing and Siding to get the job done right. Call 973-240-9074 or email us today for more information!

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