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Roofing Tips For The Fall

3 Roofing Tips for Fall

The roof of your home is the shelter overhead, and the condition of your roof greatly affects your entire home. For this reason, experts recommend roof inspections twice a year. Fall is the perfect time for one, in order to make sure you’re ready for winter’s weather.

There are three main steps to take when checking over your roof in the fall.

  • Trimming nearby trees
  • Scheduling a standard roof inspection
  • Checking the gutters for debris

Tree Trimming

Trimming nearby trees of overreaching and dead branches will help keep your roof safe from any fallen limbs from heavy snow. It also cuts down on debris like twigs and leaves that often get caught in the gutters.

Roof Inspecting

A standard roof inspection includes a thorough examination of the roof and attached systems, such as the gutters, seams, rooftop units, etc. A professional inspection shows any problems or causes for concern, giving you a chance to take care of them before they become big, costly problems.

Checking Gutters

Other miscellaneous debris is another thing to check for with winter coming on, especially in the gutters and the drain pipe. A single leaf or twig, or a small amount of dirt, can provide enough of a block in the gutters to create a clog. This could cause water to spill out over the tops of the gutters, or possibly flood back onto the roof, and cause leaks and water damage.

As the part of your house that often bears the brunt of the storms that autumn and winter bring, your roof deserves the best care in order to ensure it is top notch. Following the suggested steps above can have you better prepared and give you peace of mind when Jack Frost comes knocking. If you’re concerned about your roof, contact Novalis Roofing today at 973-635-1165 to speak to one of our experts or completing a contact form to get a free estimate on your next project.

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