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Do you Know Where Your Bath Vents are Venting to?


POV: You are preparing to take a long shower after a tiring day. First, you flip on the bath vent to air out the expected steam and heat, then you begin with your shower. These same steps are repeated daily by everyone in your household. However, you have yet to think twice about where your bathroom vent leads. You may not even have a bath vent at all!

It makes you wonder. Where is the steam leading to?

Where Do Your Bathroom Vents Go To?

Have you ever investigated your attic, wondering where those vent ducts lead? Unfortunately, electricians tend to install bathroom vents and then leave the duct hanging out in the attic with no direct source out of the home.

Hoses left dumping air into attic
Hoses left dumping air into the attic

When air ducts are left with no source out, they repeatedly pump steam and hot moisture into your attic. Over time, this leads to mold, wood rotting, and insulation rot. Worst case scenario can lead to structural decay or even a collapsed roof.

Wood and Moisture Do Not Mix

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Top: Wood rotting on the ceiling Bottom: Mold in the bathroom from the pump

When warm moisture from the vents is pumped into a cold attic, especially during the winter, there is a creation of condensation. Excess humidity can get extreme when frost builds up on the underside of the roof sheathing, leading to ice melt dropping onto the insulation and drywall ceiling. Think of a cold glass of water on a hot, humid day. Condensation forms, and water drips.

Ice on the decking
Ice and Frost on the decking

How Can This Be Fixed?

Luckily this issue is an easy and relatively inexpensive fix! It is important to protect your investment, aka your home, from predictable problems such as these. Good thing, Novalis is here to help prevent these problems.

Novalis Roofing & Siding will lead the vent duct through a small spot on your roof to ensure the air is properly traveling out of your attic. We will lastly close off the vent outside with a lifetime bathroom vent.

Our crew will be happy to come out and lead your ducts to the right place to prevent any issues for you in advance!

Get In Touch with Novalis Roofing & Siding

If you notice your bath vents have no exit out of your attic, or you have no bath vents at all, Novalis Roofing & siding is happy to help correct this simple problem for you!

When you choose Novalis Roofing and Siding, you can rest assured you are in good hands. Operating for 80+ years, we provide the highest quality roofing services to ensure your home is safe, secure, and free from damage.

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