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3 Sure Signs You Have a Roof Leak

A spring storm can be a welcome sight, as plants are beginning to grow and looking for that water to bring them to life. Unfortunately, if you have a problem with your roof, a storm can be an unwelcome sight, as you may end up with a leak. Often times you’ll have an installation error, an issue with the chimney flashing, popped nails, or uneven water distribution because of clogged gutters. All of those issues can lead to leaks, but how do you know if you have one? The following are three sure signs.

1. You See or Hear Water

It may seem obvious, and that’s because it is. Often times, the surest sign you have a leak is if you can see or hear the actual water. Sometimes it’s just a steady drip, and other times it’s a solid stream going down your wall. You might have a soggy ceiling, or the baseboards might be soaking up some water. In any case, it could be an indication of a roof leak.

2. You Have Water Stains

Water stains may start small in the corner of the ceiling, making them difficult to even notice. It might look like a shadow or dirt, but when that corner stain begins to grow, you can almost certainly assume it’s a roof leak. Water stains can also be in the form of streaks going down the wall.

3. You Notice Exterior Damage

The exterior wall under your roofline could help you spot a roof leak, just as much as an indoor stain could. If there are water spots in that location, it’s most likely because there’s a problem where the roof and the wall meet. This may begin as an exterior issue that you’re not too concerned about, but it could end up making its way indoors as well.

Contacting a Professional

If you’re worried that your roof is leaking, but you’re just not sure, it might be time to call a professional to have a look. Contact Novalis Roofing and Siding today by calling 973-240-9074 or sending us an email to schedule an inspection.

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