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10 Signs Your Siding Is Faulty

When it comes to siding, routine maintenance and inspection are important. The damages you see could tell you when it’s time to replace the siding. When inspecting your home, look for these 10 signs that may point to faulty siding.


If you see bubbles under your siding, it means that there is water trapped under the siding. When it comes to siding, moisture should never get through.


You have to replace all siding eventually. Siding should hold its color for a long time but fading tells you that it’s no longer waterproof.


If you see any growth on your siding, particularly at the seams, then water may be passing through your siding. When you have a moisture problem, you generally have faulty siding.

Loose Wallpaper

If you have loose wallpaper or peeling paint inside your home, this might be a sign that your siding needs replacement. This means that moisture is getting through the outer layer.


Even small holes can be disconcerting. Holes generally mean that you have an insect problem. These holes also allow moisture to enter, which leads to several issues.

Cracked Siding

Siding can become cracked during a storm. Sometimes, this doesn’t call for a replacement. However, if the layers underneath the siding are cracked or damaged, you need to have them replaced.

Cooling and Heating Bills

If your energy bills are higher than normal and your roof and attic aren’t the culprits, then you’ll want to check your siding.

Repainting Your Home

If you have to consistently repaint your home, you may have an issue with the siding. You should not have to repaint your home every five to six years. Your color should last for about eight to 10 years.

Dry Rot

You can tap a rubber handle against your siding to detect dry rot. With dry rot, siding may still look fine on the outside whereas the bulk of the material rots.

Rotted Siding

Always check your siding for any visible flaws. You can use a screwdriver to poke under the siding if it looks warped. If the layer is soft or has rot forming, then you need to replace it.

Keeping your siding in good condition protects your home! For more information on how to keep your siding looking its best, contact Novalis Roofing and Siding by calling 973-240-9074 or sending us an email today!

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