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What to Expect From A Roofing Installation

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Installing a new roof at your home requires a significant investment and an experienced contractor. A new roof protects the decking and interior structure from heat and moisture and raises your property value. At Novalis Roofing, we are committed to providing a hassle-free installation process that keeps your home protected for many years to come. To begin this process, we want to share how a typical roofing job is carried out, so you know what to expect.

Roof Inspection

Before your old roof is removed, our roof inspector visits your home to assess the scope of the project. The inspector calculates an estimate of the project costs and makes notes concerning the extent of damage, issues with the location, and materials needed for the new installation. If you have potted plants, lawn furniture, or sports equipment around the perimeter, you may be asked to move them to avoid damage from falling nails and tiles.

Old Roof Removal

When our roofers arrive at your house, they carefully examine the property and cover any shrubs, trees, or structures that cannot be moved to avoid damage from debris. Removing an old roof can be a messy process, but our professional roofers are trained to respect your home and work quickly to minimize the disruption to your daily life.

Decking Inspection

After removing the old roof, we inspect your decking for water damage and replace any rotted or soft wood. We ensure that your roof is installed on a stable foundation to protect your decking for years to come. Any overhanging tree limbs are removed to avoid future damage

New Roof Prep and Installation

Next, we install drip edges and underlayment to guard your decking against rain, snow, and ice. Once your decking is covered, we begin working from the bottom up and install the tiles or panels of your choice.

For an exceptional roofing installation that makes your home look brand new, contact Novalis Roofing.

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