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The 5 Basic Parts of a Residential Roof

What do you know about your home’s roof? Whether it’s brand new or needs a replacement soon, it’s important to understand the basic parts of your roofing system. Knowing the basics can help you determine what the problem could be if a sudden issue occurs. Understanding your roofing system also shows contractors that you won’t be taken advantage of.



The deck of your roof is its core surface. Typically, the decking is made of metal, OSB sheets, concrete, or even plywood. It serves as the base of your roof and covers the rafters.



Insulation protects your home from extreme temperatures outside while ensuring the cool or warm air you pump into your home stays there. Insulation works best when placed on the roof’s underside.



The shingles are the topmost layer of your roof and the part you can see. This means the shingles should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also function well as the first level of protection for your home. Shingles are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and materials.



As the name implies, the support structure is what holds your roof in place. Because it needs to be durable, it is almost always made from metal or a very strong wood. The stronger the supports are, the more extreme weather your roof can handle.



The underlayment of your roof is the extra sealant that sits directly under the main shingles. It helps to create a smoother and more even applicable surface, as well as adding a second layer of protection. Keep in mind that the underlayment material will depend on the other roofing materials you use.


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