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Roof Frost or No Roof Frost, That is The Question

frost on roof

While we might be past the heavy snows, winter isn’t over yet. For the next few weeks, you may wake up to frost on the grass in the early morning hours. Maybe you will have to scrape the frost from the windows of your car. What about your roof? Have you seen frost up there? Do the neighbors have frost on their roofs?

What Does Frost on the Roof Indicate?

When you and the neighbors have frost on your roof, especially first thing in the morning, it’s generally just a sign that the temperatures dropped at night. If a particular roof faces away from the sun, the frost might last longer into the day, and that’s perfectly normal.

What Does a Lack of Frost on the Roof Indicate?

Perhaps you walk outside in the morning and notice all the neighbors have frost on their roofs, but you don’t. Is that a problem? A lack of frost could indicate the warm air inside your home is somehow leaking into your attic. That heat is keeping the roof warm, preventing frost from forming. Unfortunately, this means the heat is not staying in your home, keeping your family warm. This is going to cause discomfort, but it’s also going to make the heating bill rise.

Keep in mind, there’s always a chance the sun hits your roof more directly than your neighbors’ roofs. Maybe your roof faces the sun, so the frost from the night melts as soon as the sun peaks in the morning. Maybe your neighbors have large trees that shade their roofs. In both of these scenarios, it offers a reason for your roof to be lacking frost, and it wouldn’t have to do with an inefficient heating or roofing system.

What You Can Do

At Novalis Roofing and Siding, we’re experts at determining whether your lack of frost is due to heat leaking into your attic or if you just have a good spot in the sunshine. If a repair is in order, we’re happy to take care of it. Call 973-240-9074 or email us today to learn more!

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