Residential Roofing: Top 5 Maintenance Tips for Spring

Residential Roofing: Top 5 Maintenance Tips for Spring

Winter is tough on roofs. Whether you’re dealing with icy temperatures, heavy rains or abundant snowfall, your home’s topmost surface bears quite a burden. That’s why those in the know break out the ladder when it’s time for spring cleaning—it’s one of the most important times of the year to inspect your roof for signs of trouble. Here are five of the most common conditions to watch out for.


  1. Look for leaks.

You don’t need to do any climbing for this one. Dripping water and mold spots on the ceiling are red flags that moisture is intruding. If you’ve observed signs of a leak, act fast, as this is a problem that threatens insulation and underlayment in a big way.

  1. Check your gutters.

Chances are, autumn and winter deposited plenty of dead leaves and other debris on your roof. Much of that ends up in your downspouts, which makes water removal more difficult. Be sure to keep gutters clean to maintain proper drainage.

  1. Confirm material integrity.

While you’re up on the ladder, study your roofing materials. Are there missing tiles or shingles? Do you observe damage, like curling or breakage? Repairing these flaws should be a high priority, as they’ll frequently lead to leaks and bigger issues down the line.

  1. Inspect roof flashing.

These connective panels are what bridge gaps at joints, near skylights, etc. Make sure there’s no evidence of issues with your roof’s flashing, which will lead to similar problems as damaged primary materials.

  1. Evaluate the eaves.

Don’t lose track of those boards and components connecting your home’s outer walls to the roof’s edge. These parts, including the fascia and soffits, are vulnerable to elemental damage just like the uppermost surface.


Performing a thorough inspection of your roof is a great way to bounce back from the cold season, and it’s a smart way to avoid more costly repair needs in the future. For prompt, professional service in and around Chatham, NJ, trust Novalis Roofing & Siding. Call us at (973) 635-1165 or complete a contact form for a free estimate today.


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