Your roof is subject to extremely high temperatures, both above and below the wood roof deck in the summer months here in the Northeast. When attics are left unvented, hot and humid air will build up inside the attic forcing its way back into the home’s living space causing increased demand on air conditioners and raising utility costs.

In the winter months, moisture is generated throughout your home from your heating system and household activities such as showering and cooking. This moist air will rise through your home and settle in your attic. Unvented moisture in your attic can cause a number or problems from soaked insulation, mold or mildew growth and even rot and structural decay of wood rafters and roof decking.

A balanced ventilation system allows hot and/or humid air to escape and has been proven to lower air conditioning costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter. Proper ventilation is required by building code and must to be used to validate most shingle manufacturers’ warranties.

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