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Home Ventilation

Intake air

Proper airflow in a roof system is crucial for a healthy home. It prevents moisture buildup, heat accumulation, and damage to your roof. It is important for the attic ventilation system to be balanced with the proper combination of intake and exhaust ventilation through the roof. Without airflow, the roof can suffer from increased energy costs, moisture, mold and structural damage. 

Intake Ventilation 

Intake air ventilation is essential for maintaining a healthy and functional home, even in the absence of intake vents through the soffits. Intake vents ensure fresh air enters the attic, preventing problems like mold, ice dams, and roof deterioration. Overall, proper airflow extends the roof’s lifespan and maintains a comfortable living environment. 

To address the lack of intake air through your soffits, we add Lomanco Intake Vents during the roofing process. These vents are typically installed near the bottom edge of the roof, allowing fresh air to enter the attic or roof space. By incorporating these intake vents, we create a pathway for cool, dry air to flow into the roof system, ensuring proper airflow. This helps prevent issues like moisture buildup, heat accumulation, and damage to the roofing materials. Intake vents are essential for maintaining a healthy and functional home, even in the absence of intake through the soffits.

Exhaust Ventilation


A rigid roll ridge vent is installed along the ridgeline of the roof to improve ventilation and exhaust the air from your attic. We use Lomanco Ridge Vents. This allows hot air to escape from the attic or roof space, regulating temperature and preventing damage to roofing materials. The design of the ridge roll ensures consistent airflow, reducing moisture buildup and maintaining a healthy environment. It is an effective addition to promote proper ventilation and preserve the longevity of the roof.

Adding a power fan with a humidistat and thermostat will exhaust the air and provide year-round protection for the roof. We use GAF Master Flow Power Fans. This combination allows for automatic control of the fan based on humidity and temperature levels. It helps regulate moisture and temperature, preventing issues like mold, rot, and heat damage. This setup ensures continuous ventilation, promoting a healthy and well-maintained roof throughout the year.

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