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Home Inspection When Buying a House

Home Inspection NJ

When buying a home, there are many things that play a role in the process. One of them is the Home Inspection. While a general home inspector can provide insights into the overall condition of the property, bringing in a qualified contractor offers several additional advantages. Your home is one of your biggest investments. In this blog we are going to discuss the purpose of a home inspection and why it’s important to hire your own contractor. 


There are many important aspects of hiring an experienced contractor for your home inspection. These include..

Specialized Expertise

Contractors are often specialists in specific areas of home construction and repair, such as roofing, siding, electrical, and ventilation. Their specialized knowledge allows them to identify issues that a general home inspector might overlook or not have knowledge on.


They are Hired by YOU

When it comes to the time of the home inspection, you should hire an experienced contractor.


In-Depth Assessment:

Contractors can provide a more detailed assessment of any problems they encounter. They can pinpoint the cause of issues and offer recommendations for repairs or improvements, which can be relevant for budgeting and negotiation with the seller.


Cost Estimations

Contractors can often provide more accurate cost estimates for necessary repairs or renovations. This information can be essential for buyers in determining whether they can afford the property, negotiating with the seller for repairs or a price reduction, or planning for future renovations.


Safety Concerns

Certain structural or safety issues may require immediate attention. Contractors can quickly identify these issues during the home inspection and assess their severity, helping you prioritize and address any potential hazards.


Future Planning 

If you plan to make renovations or improvements to the property after purchase, having a contractor’s input can help you better understand the scope of work required and potential costs involved.


Negotiation Leverage

A thorough inspection report from a qualified contractor can strengthen your position during negotiations with the seller. If significant issues are discovered, you may be able to negotiate a lower purchase price or request that the seller address the problems before closing the deal.


Peace of Mind

 Knowing that a qualified contractor has thoroughly assessed the property can provide peace of mind. It helps you make an informed decision about the purchase and minimizes the risk of unexpected and costly repairs after closing. It also will give you peace of mind knowing the contractor you chose is reliable. Doing your research on a reliable contractor is super important.


Avoiding Costly Mistakes

 By hiring a contractor for the inspection, you can reduce the risk of overlooking hidden issues that could lead to costly repairs later. It’s an investment that can save you money and stress in the long run.


Compliance with Local Codes

 Contractors are well-versed in local building codes and regulations. They can identify any violations or non-compliance issues, ensuring that the property meets the necessary legal standards.


Customized Advice

 Depending on your plans for the property, a contractor can offer customized advice on renovations, energy efficiency upgrades, or other improvements to align the property with your goals and preferences.


Overall, hiring a qualified and reputable contractor for a home inspection is a wise investment when buying a house. Their specialized knowledge, in-depth assessment, cost estimations, and ability to identify safety concerns can provide you with valuable insights and peace of mind as you make one of the biggest investments of your life.

Here is a video of a home inspection on a newly built home in Millburn, New Jersey by Novalis Roofing and Siding. The video speaks on the issues found during the home inspection, and what the Novalis team is doing to fix the issues found. 

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