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Maintain Your Roof This Summer

Maintain your roof with these four basic steps:

Check for Pests like rodents, insects, bats, birds nesting in your attic, and shingles. Look for signs of animal activity and holes that need sealing.

Look for Leaks on ceilings and attic areas that show water damage. Even minor leaks damage insulation, drywall, and protective sheathing. Avoid serious issues and repair shingles or metal roofing.

Inspect Exterior Vents such as bathroom fans, septic, furnace exhaust pipes. Flashing, rubber booting, caulking wear out over time needing replacement or resealing.

Clean Gutters especially after seeds have fallen in late spring and leaves in late autumn. Seeds, sticks, leaves, debris cause water to pool, creating leaks.

Work with a Professional at Novalis Roofing. Schedule a roof inspection, gutter cleaning, repairs, replacement, estimate.

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