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How To Tell if Your Residential Roof Is Leaking

How to tell your roof is leaking

Contrary to what many people think, it’s not always easy to know if your roof is leaking. This is especially the case in larger homes, or if the water spots show up in rooms or closets that are not frequently used. This presents homeowners with the trouble of finding out where the leak came from. Here are some easy tips to help you figure this out.

Water Stains in the Ceiling

A large dark spot in the ceiling may form when there is a leak in the roof, even if it doesn’t make it to the room below. If you notice any kind of discoloration in your ceilings or along the walls, also be sure to look for mold or moisture.

Damaged or Missing Shingles

Even from the ground, you may notice that some of your shingles are missing, buckling or curling. If this is the case for your home, it’s a good idea to check the areas beneath these spots after rainfall to see if you notice any dripping or wet spots inside. It’s also a good idea to have these shingles replaced as soon as possible.

Improper Drainage

One common cause of roof leaks is improper drainage due to clogged gutters. When it rains, consider going outside to double-check whether or not water is coming through the downspouts. If not, this will cause water to pool on the roof, which may cause leaks.

Hire Professionals

If you are unable to find out the source of the leak from ground level, consider hiring professionals. Roof work is dangerous and a fall can be deadly. Professionals are experienced, licensed, bonded and insured, putting them in a much better position to handle the risks involved. Once the problem is diagnosed, they can also repair the roof before leaving.

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